Social Functions

Welcome Function

Sunday 11th September, 6pm

Join us at the end of the Sunday program for an opportunity to mingle with old friends and acquaint yourself with new connections while enjoying some of the best food and wine from the NSW region.

Attendance is included in all full registrations, tickets can be purchased for AUD$90


Poster Wine and Cheese

Monday 12th September, 6pm

A dedicated opportunity to view the accepted posters for the Meeting and discuss the findings with the authors.

Attendance is included in all full registrations and day registrations for Monday.


Gala Dinner

Tuesday 13th September, from 7pm

In the immortal words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “A little party never killed nobody.” 

Sydney in the 1920’s was rapidly changing, as people put the drudgery of war behind them and focused on new freedoms, entertainment, fashion and entertainment. As we emerge from the effects of the pandemic, we will celebrate the glamour and finery of the Roaring Twenties at the Gala Dinner. Get your flapper or gangster outfits ready and come ready to dance the night away.

The Gala Dinner will be held on the Tuesday evening in the ballroom of Sydney ICC. Tickets are included in all full registrations, additional tickets can be purchased for AUD$190


Photo credit: Destination New South Wales Content Library